8-Foot Python Rescued From Power Sub-Station In Delhi's Okhla

Power station employees spotted the python and called intimated Wildlife SOS (Representational photo)

New Delhi:

An eight-foot-long python was spotted in a power sub-station in Delhi’s Okhla Industrial Estate and was safely extricated by a team of a wildlife conservation NGO.   

Employees at the power station in Okhla Phase-2 spotted the python and called intimated Wildlife SOS.

A rapid response unit immediately rushed to the location and safely extricated the snake within 15 minutes, the NGO said in a statement.  

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS said, “Our rescuers are very well trained for such kinds of operations and even in this case, they followed all the safety measures while extricating the python.”  

Wasim Akram, Deputy Director – Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, said, “With more and more habitats being fragmented, snake sightings in urban areas have become very common.”

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