Good Yogi Adityanth Isn't Contesting From Ayodhya: Ram Temple Chief Priest

BJP leadership decided to field Yogi Adityantah from Gorakhpur (Urban) Assembly seat (File)


It is good that Yogi Adityanath is not contesting the state polls from Ayodhya since he would have faced a lot of opposition, the chief priest of the Ram temple said today.

Acharya Satyendra Das said he had earlier suggested that Yogi Adityanath should contest from Gorakhpur as people whose houses and shops were demolished in Ayodhya for infrastructure projects amid the construction of the temple are against him.

“It’s good that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is not contesting from here. I had suggested it earlier and advised that it will be better that he contest from any seat of Gorakhpur,” said Mr Das, who is the chief priest of the makeshift Ram Lalla temple that will be replaced by a grand temple.

When asked why he suggested that the Chief Minister should not contest from Ayodhya, the priest said his advice came “after asking Ram Lalla (Lord Ram)”.

The seers in Ayodhya have divided opinion and those whose houses and shops were demolished are against him, the 84-year-old priest said.

“All are saying that it’s his work. This opposition is there. I said he better go there (Gorakhpur),” the priest said.

“He would have won from here but may have faced problems,” he added.

There was a strong buzz in political circles that Yogi Adityanath would enter the fray from Ayodhya but the BJP leadership decided to field him from the Gorakhpur (Urban) Assembly segment.

The election mood in Ayodhya is not clear since all the other parties have not declared their candidates yet, Mr Das said.

The priest, however, said the ruling BJP will not let go of the Ram temple issue and it will remain on their agenda.

“Earlier, there was Ram Lalla andolan, then came the court’s order, and the construction of the Ram temple started. This Ram temple issue will never go away. The temple construction is on,” he said.

“They will certainly take the name (of Ram temple). This will not go away,” he said.

Ayodhya will go to the polls in the fifth phase on February 27.

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