'My Pride': Madhya Pradesh Cop Suspended For Refusing To Cut Moustache

The order said that Mr Rana has grown his moustache in an “absurd” manner that looks “ugly”


A Madhya Pradesh Police constable has been suspended for refusing to cut his long moustache and hair.

Constable Rakesh Rana, posted as a driver in the police’s motor transport wing, was instructed to shave his moustache in proper shape but he didn’t follow the instruction, therefore he was being suspended with immediate effect, read the suspension order.

The order also said that Mr Rana has grown his moustache in an “absurd” manner that looks “ugly”. It also leaves a wrong impression on other employees of the department.

Calling it a matter of “self-respect”, Mr Rana said that, “I am a Rajput and my moustache is my pride,” and added that he won’t shave his moustache.

Prashant Sharma, Assistant Inspector General, Cooperatives Fraud and Public Service Guarantee, who issued the order, told news agency PTI that Mr Rana was suspended as he did not follow his senior’s order about correcting his appearance.

“When his appearance was checked, the constable was found with hair grown and a moustache till the neck. He was directed to trim the hair as his turnout was awkward, but he did not follow the directives,” the official said.

Claiming that he always wore a proper uniform, Mr Rana said he will not compromise on this issue despite the suspension as he had been keeping the moustache since a long time.

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