Manage Your Psoriasis Effectively With This Achievable Four Point Plan

Psoriasis can be managed by sticking to the treatment plan

A new year brings new hopes and goals to enhance our lives and make every new year better than the last. For psoriasis patients, it also brings in an opportunity for new resolutions to manage the condition with available advanced treatment options enabling a future of ‘clear skin’. Managing psoriasis can be challenging but you should not let that hold you back from achieving your goals.

Psoriasis affects over 100 million people worldwide but can be managed effectively by timely treatment and following prescribed treatment schedules. Consulting a dermatologist is of primary importance in getting the right advice and therapy for the condition with advance treatment options like biologics.

According to Dr. Nina Madnani, Consultant, Dermatologist, Mumbai, “In my clinical observation, on an average we see about 30 to 40 psoriasis cases every month. There is a clear and urgent need for holistic management with effective treatment goals. Adhering to prescribed treatment and regular follow-ups are imperative for effective psoriasis management.”

Dr. Shrichand G. Parasramani, Dermatologist, Anisha Clinic, Mumbai elaborated further “It is important for Psoriasis patients to consult a dermatologist and keep track of their symptoms. This can help in devising a therapy plan suited for each patient’s need. There has been immense development in the last decade on the treatment for auto-immune conditions such as psoriasis.”

Here are a few tips you can consider as your new year’s resolutions that can help you manage Psoriasis better:

Stick to your prescribed treatment plan

This new year is the right time to consult a dermatologist for an individualised plan depending on the severity of your psoriasis condition. If you already have a treatment plan, make sure that this year you follow it according to the prescribed schedule. Sticking to your Psoriasis treatment can help manage your Psoriasis symptoms and lower the stress associated with it, especially during flare-ups. 

Talk to your dermatologist 

Regular dermatologist visits with timely advice on the do’s and don’ts can help evaluate your condition and make the right choices in your daily life. Talk to your doctor for treatment options – there are quite a few available now a days.

Track your symptoms

Keeping track of your symptoms as well as its impact on daily activities can help you feel more in control of the condition and help from worsening of symptoms. A daily or weekly tracker diary can help you figure out the triggers and help communicate better with your dermatologist.

Unhide Psoriasis 

Do not shy away or hide your condition from your near and dear ones. Share your feelings with your friends, family and colleagues. Ask your dermatologist for support groups or communities to help you share your thoughts and experiences with others like you. This will also allow you to benefit from other’s experiences in dealing with Psoriasis. 

This new year let us have a positive approach towards living with Psoriasis. The best way of managing Psoriasis is to be regular with treatment and staying connected with your dermatologist. Gaining control over your psoriasis symptoms can help improve your overall health, prevent the condition from worsening and help you towards your goal to ‘clearer skin’.

(Dr. Nina Madnani & Dr. Shrichand G. Parasramani, Consultant Dermatologists, Mumbai)

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