Thief In Assam Cooks Khichdi In The Middle Of Burglary, Arrested

Cooking khichdi proved to be costly for a burglar in Assam (Representative Image)

Turns out, cooking khichdi can be injurious to your well-being. Surprised? Wait till you hear about the bizarre case of the hungry burglar who stopped to cook khichdi in the middle of a break-in and was soon arrested for his folly. Assam Police took to Twitter on Tuesday to share details of the incident, revealing that the thief was arrested by police in Guwahati. 

“The curious case of a cereal burglar!” wrote Assam Police on Twitter. “Despite its many health benefits, turns out, cooking Khichdi during a burglary attempt can be injurious to your well being. 

“The burglar has been arrested and Guwahati Police is serving him some hot meals.” 

According to The Hindu, the thief broke into a house in Guwahati’s Hengerabari area while the homeowners were away. Neighbours, however, were alerted to his presence when he started cooking khichdi and they heard noises from the kitchen. Knowing that the homeowners were away, neighbours caught the burglar and handed him over to the cops. 

Meanwhile, Assam Police’s humourous take on the attempted robbery has amused many. Take a look at some of the reactions: 

Something similar happened in 2017 when a burglar broke into a restaurant in the US and stopped searching for money long enough to cook himself a meal. The man helped himself to five steak sandwiches, fries and some soda before making his escape.  

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